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Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) cluster

Over 2.7 million people in the EU-27 are diagnosed with cancer every year, with 1.3 million dying from the disease annually. European Commission launched Mission on Cancer of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, as part of the EU missions. The Mission is focused on intensifying research and innovation efforts to understand cancer risk factors better and improve screening programmes, diagnosis, therapies, treatments, and prevention policies. A collaboration of seven EU-funded research projects DIOPTRA, LUCIA, MammoScreen, ONCOSCREEN, PANCAID, SANGUINE and ThermoBreast, form the EU Mission on Cancer‘s Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) cluster with the focus on unlocking the potential of new tools and digital solutions for a healthy society.

In order to address the objectives of the Mission on Cancer, participants will collaborate in project clusters to leverage EU-funding, increase networking across sectors and disciplines, and establish a portfolio of Cancer Mission R&I and policy actions.

Other projects in the “prevention, including screening” cluster are:

  • LUCIA: Understanding Lung Cancer related risk factors and their Impact
  • MAMMOSCREEN: Innovative and safe microwave-based imaging technology to make breast cancer screening more accurate, inclusive and female-friendly
  • ONCOSCREEN: A European “shield” against colorectal cancer based on novel, more precise and affordable risk-based screening methods and viable policy pathways
  • SANGUINE: Early detection and screening of haematological malignancies
  • THERMOBREAST: An innovative non-contact and harmless screening modality set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring
  • DIOPTRA: Early dynamic screening for colorectral cancer via novel protein biomarkers reflecting biological initiation mechanisms

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