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Work packages

In Horizon Europe, which is the European Union’s research and innovation framework program for the period 2021-2027, a work package refers to a specific part or component of a funded project. It is a defined set of tasks within the larger project that has a clear objective, a defined scope, and specific deliverables or outputs.

PANCAID is segmented into seven work packages:

  • WP1

    WP1 – Defining patient cohorts and collection of biomaterial

    Lead: KI
  • WP2

    WP2 – Liquid Biopsy Analyses

    Lead: UKE
  • WP3

    WP3 – Data management and AI analysis

    Lead: CNIO
  • WP4

    WP4 – Modelling of Early Detection Strategies and Health Economics

    Lead: UKE
  • WP5

    WP5 – Early pancreas cancer surveillance - ethical issues

    Lead: KI
  • WP6

    WP6 – Dissemination, communication, training, exploitation and guideline development

    Lead: concentris
  • WP7

    WP7 – Project Management

    Lead: UKE