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The main objective of PANCAID is to provide a minimally invasive blood test using a comprehensive panel of liquid biopsy diagnostics (LBx) for early detection of pancreatic cancer and the malignant conversion of premalignant to invasive lesions.

To achieve this key aim, PANCAID will address the following specific objectives in the respective work packages.

  • 1
    Accumulate the critical size of data sets and biobanks of blood samples from IARs, IPMN and early PDAC patients managed at EU-wide clinical centers of excellence as prerequisite for the subsequent analytical steps.
  • 2
    Perform a comprehensive LBx approach including the most relevant analytes currently available such as ctDNA, exosomes, circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and host cells as well as circulating proteins and metabolites.
  • 3
    Combine the results from all of these individual analytes into a multi-marker panel by computational combinatorial analysis including AI approaches, and finally validate the multi-marker panel on independent cohorts of patients and individuals at risk (IARs).
  • 4
    Support the implementation of the blood test into medical practice (including re-imbursement) by defining the target population for such a blood test from a socio-economic and ethical perspective.
  • 5
    Design the protocol of a prospective multi-center study in Europe aimed to demonstrate clinical utility of LBx diagnostics in the management of individuals at high risk to develop PDAC.
The PANCAID project and its overarching results