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Collective Minds Radiology AB (SME) (CMR)

Collective Minds Radiology AB (SME)

Team Leader

Anders Nordell, MSs

Phone: +46 70 521 86 50
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Team Staff

Mauro Gismondi, PhD

Project Manager
Phone: +34 65 216 75 37
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Institute Presentation

Collective Minds Radiology (CMRAD) is a healthcare collaboration company. Our services include clinical consultation, sponsored and academic research, and education. We help institutions and consortia to design and build multimodal and multicentric healthcare data repositories with embedded viewing and analysis tools, and data sharing activities. Headquartered in Stockholm Sweden with product engineering in Barcelona, Spain partnering with customers all over Europe.

CMRAD participation in PANCAID is exclusively related to the design, development, execution and maintenance of a particular PANCAID research data repository and the strategies to handle PANCAID’s information. CMRAD will design and develop a repository that is flexible enough to handle multimodal data corresponding to included cohorts, samples information, and a wide variety of cellular and molecular data obtained for expert research groups. A legal framework will be also developed to comfort data contributors, allow participants to get access and protect patients’ privacy and run, update and maintain the PANCAID data repository to ensure quick and reliable functionality and accessibility throughout the duration of the project.


Collective Minds Radiology AB (SME)
Svärdvägen 5, Danderyd
182 33, Stockholm
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